Thursday, April 26, 2007


Forres, Moray: Debbie Smith

When a disruptive young single mum moved into Debbie Smith’s block of flats, Debbie was forced to protect her elderly neighbours.
Debbie, 41, called Mums’ Army and said: ‘She had a riotous party and people were starting fights with residents. When my husband and I asked them to have respect, I was thrown against a wall and landed on the base of my spine. I've been told I narrowly escaped being paralysed for life. Security buzzers are pressed during the night and one neighbour has put herself into a residential home to escape. The council needs to take action before something serious happens.’
Debbie Smith,
Forres, Moray

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Camberwell, London: Vaunda Hoscik

When pregnant mum Vaunda and her eight-year-old son arrived at their block of flats, they stepped into the lift and found it been vandalised in the most disgusting way. Vaunda was appalled and forced to struggle up six flights of stairs.
It was the latest of many incidents and it prompted her to call Mums' Army.
Vaunda, 32, explains: ‘Both my son and I have asthma and because I’m pregnant we need to use the lift. But the kids round here are utterly bored and create mischief.
'The places where they have to play are dangerous, near to car parks and overrun by dogs. There are plenty of areas the council could utilise but they seem to concentrate on creating facilities for adults.
‘Now even our local pizza place refuses to make deliveries. There's so much more that nees to be done for our children.
'I hope that by joining Mums’ Army, I will encourage other parents to voice their opinions so together we can change our community.’
Vaunda Hoscik,
Camberwell, London

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Wimbledon, London: Eileen Brunton

Answering her mobile in the middle of the night, Eileen Brunton heard an anonymous caller say: ‘Watch your back. We know where you live.’
Eileen, 56, explains: ‘I’m too scared to leave the house and I'm frightened to be at home alone. Gangs of teenagers are victimising my granddaughter, Charley, 15, who lives with me. We’re terrified. They have attacked her and are constantly trying to get her on her own so they can beat her up again.
‘The police say there’s nothing they can do. I’ve had enough. I don’t want to live like this. It’s too dangerous to be outside at night. Things have to change. We need more police on the beat and more opportunities for young people, to keep them off the streets.’
Eileen Brunton,
Wimbledon, London


Aldershot, Hampshire: Suzanne Louise Weller

Asleep in her ground floor flat, Suzanne Louise Weller was terrified when a beer bottle smashed through her bedroom window.
Suzanne Louise, 35, says: ‘We’re targeted every weekend. It’s been non-stop for years and I can’t put up with it any longer. Youths have been caught by police, yet they're only warned or cautioned and then released. All the council do is tell me to keep a diary, and the housing association say not to look out of my windows at night.
‘My husband has been taken to hospital with stress. I suffer from epilepsy and the constant anxiety causes me to have fits. We’re worried what the future holds for our nine-year-old daughter. I know we have to take action.
‘I’m joining Mums’ Army because every week I read about other Take a Break readers having the same problems. We have to work together to put a stop to antisocial behaviour so our families can be safe.’
Suzanne Louise Weller,
Aldershot, Hampshire
Tel: 07816 893532

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