Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Aldershot, Hampshire: Suzanne Louise Weller

Asleep in her ground floor flat, Suzanne Louise Weller was terrified when a beer bottle smashed through her bedroom window.
Suzanne Louise, 35, says: ‘We’re targeted every weekend. It’s been non-stop for years and I can’t put up with it any longer. Youths have been caught by police, yet they're only warned or cautioned and then released. All the council do is tell me to keep a diary, and the housing association say not to look out of my windows at night.
‘My husband has been taken to hospital with stress. I suffer from epilepsy and the constant anxiety causes me to have fits. We’re worried what the future holds for our nine-year-old daughter. I know we have to take action.
‘I’m joining Mums’ Army because every week I read about other Take a Break readers having the same problems. We have to work together to put a stop to antisocial behaviour so our families can be safe.’
Suzanne Louise Weller,
Aldershot, Hampshire
Tel: 07816 893532

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