Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Camberwell, London: Vaunda Hoscik

When pregnant mum Vaunda and her eight-year-old son arrived at their block of flats, they stepped into the lift and found it been vandalised in the most disgusting way. Vaunda was appalled and forced to struggle up six flights of stairs.
It was the latest of many incidents and it prompted her to call Mums' Army.
Vaunda, 32, explains: ‘Both my son and I have asthma and because I’m pregnant we need to use the lift. But the kids round here are utterly bored and create mischief.
'The places where they have to play are dangerous, near to car parks and overrun by dogs. There are plenty of areas the council could utilise but they seem to concentrate on creating facilities for adults.
‘Now even our local pizza place refuses to make deliveries. There's so much more that nees to be done for our children.
'I hope that by joining Mums’ Army, I will encourage other parents to voice their opinions so together we can change our community.’
Vaunda Hoscik,
Camberwell, London
E-mail: vaunmae1@aol.com

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