Thursday, January 10, 2008


Sunderland, Tyne & Wear: Adele Brett

When Adele Brett's partner Kevin Johnson knelt down and proposed on Christmas Eve, she immediately accepted. But now the couple will never see their wedding day - because in May last year Kevin was beaten and stabbed to death when he confronted drunken yobs outside their home.
Adele, 27, of partick Road, Sunderland, wrote to Mums' Army. In her letter she said: 'I was pleased to see your feature on Anarchy in the UK. As a victim of anti-social behaviour, it was good to see such support.
'Kevin was 22 when he was murdered. We'd just come home from a night out with friends and heard people arguing in the street outside our house. He went to ask them to keep the noise down.
'The next thing I knew, they were hitting him. I called the police but when I went outside the boys had gone and Kevin had collapsed on the grass.
'They'd stabbed him four times with a craft knife. The fatal wound was in his heart.'
Dean Curtis, 19, and two youths were found guilty of Kevin's murder and given life sentences.
Mum of two Adele added: 'Because of his age, the boy will serve a maximum of 12 years. If he does, he'll only be a year older than I am now when he's released.
'I've joined Mums' Army because if we stand together, the Government will have to listen. Things must change.'
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