Friday, January 04, 2008


Colchester, Essex: Rachel Hawley-Thomas

As Rachel Hawley-Thomas sat up in bed and let her eyes adjust to the dark, she listened again for the tapping noise that had just woken her. When she heard the sound, she turned to her husband and said: 'AJ, I think there's someone outside our window.'
Next day, Rachel, 38, of Colchester, Essex, called the Mums' Army hotline and explained: 'We had scaffolding put outside our house and a gang of kids had climbed up on it. They were knocking on out bedroom window and shouting.
'When AJ threatened to call the police, they left. But I lay awake the following two nights until the scaffolding was eventually taken down.'
Mum of three Rachel added: 'We've had to put up with yobs shouting abuse and throwing eggs at our house for the past six years. Once they even threw a bicycle saddle through our dining room window and hurled in dog mess wrapped in burning newspaper at our front door.
'My youngest daughter has learning difficulties and my two eldest used to take her to play in the park. But now they're too scared to go near it because it's become a hang-out for gangs.
'I'm joining Mums' Army because I'm at my wits end. The council do nothing and all the police can do is hand out ASBOs, which are seen as badges of honour here. It's time something was done to protect decent people.'

I dont understand, You threatened to call the police and the yobs went away. Now did they come back and tap on your window some more? Or was that the end of it?
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