Thursday, December 20, 2007


Caerau, Cardiff: Maria Greenslade

When Maria Greenslade's disabled brother Sam was chased by yobs and trapped inside a phonebox, she expected the police to take action. Instead they told her mother to keep Sam indoors in future - as he is too vulnerable to go out.
Maria, 32, of Caerau, Cardiff, contacted Mums Army and explained: 'Sam is wheelchair-bound but it doesn't stop him leading a normal life.
'When Mum told me what the police had said I was appauled. I have two sons of my own and my youngest has the same condition as Sam. They should be free to go out like everyone else, not made to feel isolated.'
She added: 'The park is littered with drug paraphernalia and overrun by teenagers in the evening.
'My eldest boy is scared to go out on his own. He scales a 6ft wall to his gran's house just to avoid walking past the gangs.
'Most kids around here roam the streets during the day, having been excluded from school. Their behaviour is so bad I'm sending my youngest son to a school 40 minutes away.
'I have decided to join Mums' Army because at the moment we are still the majority. We need to unite to save our community.'
Maria Greenslade
Tel: 07999 864214

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