Thursday, November 15, 2007


Sea Mills, Bristol: Maureen Stucky

The walls of the flat shuddered and Maureen Stucky winced as the dreaded noise came again.
Bang, bang, bang. A gang of teenage yobs were pounding on her front and windows.
Maureen, 48, of Sea Mills, Bristol, called the Mums' Army Hotline and said: 'They'd been doing it for weeks but whenever I called the police they just acted as if I was wasting their time and said: 'What's the matter now?'
'I went to my bedroom and waited for the noise to stop. When I came out I realised why the kids had gone - my front door was on fire.
'By the time the fire brigade turned up I'd extinguished the flames myself but they still took me to hospital as a precaution.
'The police said that the fire had destroyed any evidence, so the kids got off scot-free.'
Maureen added: 'I'm not the only one around here these yobs have terrorised. A friend of mine, who's blind, moved away after they broke into her flat, pushed her to the floor and stole £500.
'Since all this happened, I've been rehoused. But antisocial behaviour is everywhere. I'm joining Mums' Army because something must be done.'
Maureen Stucky,
Sea Mills, Bristol
Tel: 0117 968 8889

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