Thursday, November 29, 2007


Darlington, County Durham: Mick Neave

One week after having a heart operation, Mick Neave was taking his rubbish out when he noticed a gang of youths in the street.
One of the boys shouted: 'What the **** are you looking at?'
The yob raced over and struck him on the arm with a length of wood.
Mick, 57, of Darlington, County Durham, told Mums' Army: 'When I straightened up, he hit me again. Then I saw another youth coming towards me and I lashed out with my fist, which caught him in the face. Thankfully that was enough to scare them off.
'Half an hour later I felt a pain in my chest and reached for the heart-monitoring device on my belt. That's when I realised it was missing. The police think the boys stole it during the attack because it looks like an iPod or mobile phone.
'I'm supporting Mums' Army because although the kids on my estate are kind and well-behaved, not all youngsters are being taught respect.
'When you can't even put the rubbish out for fear of being mugged, you know things have got out of control.'
Mick Neave,
County Durham
Tel: 07780 787699

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