Thursday, October 18, 2007


Kirkheaton, West Yorkshire: Alan Malpass

The letterbox rattled and Alan Malpass picked up a scrap of paper from the mat.
There were words scrawled clumsily across it. He started to read...
You fat git. You better get out. We're gonna burn your house down. If you think one smashed window is bad we're gonna do the rest of them too.
A gang of teenage thugs had been targetting his home for months.
Alan took the anonymous note to the police station. 'Look, I'm living in fear,' he told officers. 'Can't you do anything about it?'
He also asked the council to move him. All of this was in vain.
Alan, 34, of Kirkheaton, West Yorkshire, told Mums' Army: 'Because I hadn't been physically attacked, the council said they couldn't do anything. I can't believe that someone has to be hurt or even killed before they will help us.
'Teenagers run riot through our garden at all times of the day and night, and hang around in th street shouting and swearing. After they'd put a brick through our landing window my little girl was too scared to sleep upstairs.
'I can't let my daughters play in the garden and the stress is affecting my health.
'I'm backing Mums' Army because no one seems to be taking the problem seriously. The police have warned me not to confront the youths but why should we live in fear while they are allowed to run riot?'
Alan Malpass,
Kirkheaton, West Yorkshire
Tel: 07789 971434

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