Thursday, August 02, 2007


Rosyth, Fife: Angela Easton

When Angela Easton's four-month-old son Kirk suffered a brain haemorrhage, he spent more than a month in hospital fighting for his life before she could take him home.
On their return, a gang of drunken yobs was there to welcome them. Angela, 24, of Rosyth, Fife, contacted Mums' Army and said: 'They were screaming and shouting right outside Kirk's bedroom window.'
She went out and told them: 'My baby has had a very bad accident and he really needs some peace and quiet. Please keep it down or move away from our house.'
The gang responded with name-calling, foul language and disrespect.
Angela said: 'I'd never expect anyone to speak to me like that, let alone kids. It makes me worry what kind of adults they're going to grow into.
'In the warm weather they're outside our house every night. I've seen a drunk teenage boy lying unconscious in the street. My seven-year-old son has been shot with a BB gun, our house is covered in spray paint and eggs, and my children's toys have been stolen from our garden.
'And it's not just teenagers. Even younger kids are following their lead. They're out of control but the police won't take action.
'I've decided to join Mums' Army because everyone here is complaining but no one is doing anything to solve the problem.'
Angela Easton,
Rosyth, Fife

angela i read ur message and i know exactly how u feel i hope ur son is getting on ok.I have 2 children myself G.12 B.10.Since moving up here from england i tell my kids to still respect there elders but to stick up for there selves when it comes to other kids here but the kids here just seem to have there own agendas.
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