Thursday, June 14, 2007


Wrexham, Clywd: Lisa Behrendt

Returning home from holiday, Lisa Behrendt and her disabled son Liam, 11, were greeted by the gang of yobs that had been tormenting them for months.
Lisa, 30, said: ‘There were 15 of them standing on my wall and around the garden path. They hurled their usual sick abuse at us, teasing Liam about his wheelchair and speech problems.
‘He was distraught and I couldn't take any more. I confronted the ringleader and said: ‘I’ve had enough of the upset you cause. Leave my son alone!’
He was so shocked I'd stood up to him that he tripped over his bike and ran home.
‘Three days later, I was arrested. The boy claimed I'd attacked him and I was accused of all sorts of other things.
'Thankfully the police were sympathetic. They believed that I hadn’t touched him, and they could see I was at the end of my tether after suffering months of abuse.
‘My family and I keep to ourselves but I refuse to stand by and watch innocent people - especially children with disabilities - being bullied.
'I hope that by speaking out about what has happened to us, I can help other decent families gain the strength to fight back.’

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