Thursday, June 28, 2007


Luton, Bedfordshire: Andrea Blagg

Since Andrea Blagg’s family moved into their new home they have been targeted by antisocial neighbours.
Having reached the end of her tether, Andrea, contacted Mums’ Army and said: ‘It started with youths kicking balls at our garage. We asked nicely time and time again for them to stop, but they ignored us and called us insulting names.
‘When our friend’s car was dented outside our house we decided to gather video evidence of any more criminal damage. Even though the police agreed this was a good idea, our neighbours brandished us paedophiles and we were ordered to stop because they made a complaint - while our complaints made no difference.
‘The abuse continued and the police told us to keep antisocial behaviour diaries. But things only got worse and I was punched in the face by a neighbour who warned me not to call the police again.
‘Determined to stand my ground, I reported the incident. After five days my neighbour was arrested and only received a caution for the assault, as the police didn't bother taking it to court.
‘The neighbours involved have been warned by the council but still the abuse, intimidation and harassment continue. We’re told that four diaries filled with incidents of antisocial behaviour aren’t enough evidence, and we've had enough. Things have to change, and antisocial behaviour has to be tackled now.’
Andrea Blagg,
Luton, Bedfordshire

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