Thursday, June 07, 2007


Irlam, Greater Manchester: Alexis Noble

When Alexis Noble allowed her two daughters to play outside their home in the early evening, she was horrified to find that they were threatened by a knife-wielding gang.
Alexis, 48, decided to contact Mums’ Army. She said: ‘A group of teenage boys approached them, pulled out a knife, then laughed in their faces.’
Her daughters Grace, eight, and Amy, 13, ran home in tears.
‘I have three children who are all well behaved and I don’t want to live like this,' says Alexis. 'It isn't safe to go out at night while gangs of youths hang about on street corners.
‘I know there are others here who feel the same. They're scared. I haven’t seen any police officers on our streets and we have no support.
‘When I read about Mums’ Army I knew it was my chance to do something. If more people help, more will be done.’
Alexis Noble,
Irlam, Greater Manchester

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