Thursday, May 10, 2007


Mums' Army Heroes: Bruce Lawrence

Only minutes away from the Mums’ Army headquarters in North London, local community worker Bruce Lawrence was stabbed when he confronted a suspected drug dealer. We want to commend Mr Lawrence for his bravery.
When he saw the man openly dealing drugs in broad daylight, he said: ‘Stop selling that rubbish.’
The man became aggressive and Mr Lawrence tackled him to the ground, and was knifed above his right ear.
After being treated at hospital Mr Lawrence, 32, who works with the disabled community in Kentish Town, said: ‘I want to send a message out to all these people who think they can sell drugs on the streets.
'We’re not putting up with it any longer. I hate all the drugs causing ruin and destruction in my neighbourhood. People here are starting to fight back.’

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