Thursday, May 24, 2007


Lincoln: Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith was taking her son out in his pram when they were approached by a knife-wielding drug addict. He pushed the buggy into a busy road, in front of traffic.
The same man then threatened Sarah's family a second time in their local park.
Sarah, 23, explains: ‘He came at my boyfriend and our two children with a metal bar, shouting and swearing. The police arrested him and he was given an ASBO, but he was still free to make our lives hell.
‘We’re not the only people he's targeted, and there are other drug addicts causing problems here. Many members of our community have been affected but they are too scared to speak out.
‘I’m supporting Mums’ Army because we can’t let these thugs get away it any longer. I hope that people with join with me to change our neighbourhood.’
Sarah Smith,

This isn't 'ant social behaviour' it is outright criminal action and should be dealt with acordingly.
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