Thursday, May 10, 2007


Harraby, Cumbria: Jane-Ann Clark

Two new Mums' Army campaigners have been hailed as heroes in their neighbourhood...
When a teenage girl moved into Jane-Ann Clark’s quiet street her community was turned upside down.
Jane-Ann, 30, of Harraby, Cumbria, called the Mums’ Army Hotline and said: ‘There were loud parties and constant disturbance. We couldn’t sleep and my newborn baby was kept awake all night. I was at my wits' end.
‘But with the help of Victim Support and my neighbour Debbie Downie, we fought to reclaim our street and lives. We kept antisocial behaviour diaries and stayed in contact with the police and housing association. Even though we were intimidated and scared of reprisals we took the girl to court three times and after six months of hell she was evicted.’
Jane-Ann and Debbie received a £1000 Respect award. Jane-Ann says: ‘We stood up to the problems here and have got a brilliant outcome. We’re giving the money to local schools and to the community centre. And by setting up a Harraby branch of Mums’ Army, Debbie and I hope to continue to improve our neighbourhood.’
Jane-Ann Clark,
Harraby, Cumbria

Debbie and Jane-Ann with their children

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