Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Swadlincote, Derbyshire: Betty Pett

When 15-year-old Justine Pett heard a loud bang, she had no idea that yobs had just thrown a concrete slab through the family's living room window. She is partially sighted and has learning difficulties,
Justine’s mother Betty, 51, called the Mums’ Army Hotline in a desperate plea for help, saying: ‘Our windows are smashed, our car tyres are slashed and smoke bombs are posted through our letter box. A brick was thrown through the window of Justine’s specially modified bathroom and now she’s too afraid to use it.
‘The police say they can’t do anything without the names of the culprits, but they always strike in the dark. I’m joining Mums’ Army because I don’t want my family to live in fear.’
Betty Pett,
Swadlincote, Derby
E-mail: betty.pett1@btinternet.com

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