Thursday, March 01, 2007


Biddenden, Kent: Amanda Knott

For three years Amanda Knott lived in an area overrun by gangs of youths. She contacted Mums’ Army to say: ‘It was the last straw when they threw eggs at my car and caused us to almost have an accident.
'I challenged the teenagers, who swore at me and couldn’t have cared less. Then I called the police to report the incident and they didn’t even bother to follow it up.’
Amanda, 40, has since moved to Biddenden, Kent, with her two children.
She says: ‘Even though we’re now part of a close-knit community with good policing, the youngsters hang around on the playing fields at night because there is nothing for them to do.
‘I hope Mums’ Army can help me to create more opportunities for young people.’
Amanda Knott,
Biddenden, Kent
Tel: 07900 251554

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