Thursday, March 08, 2007


Bargeod, Caerphilly: Sue Laing

When Mums’ Army campaigner Margaret Davies received a desperate call for help from a woman in the same yob-ridden community as her own daughter, she had to do something.
Margaret, 52, of Pontypool, Torfaen, says: ‘I was worried for my daughter and my grandchildren and wished I lived closer to them.’
With Margaret’s help and support, her daughter Sue Laing is starting her own branch of Mums’ Army in Bargeod, Caerphilly.
Mother-of-two Sue, 30, says: ‘Parts of my neighbourhood are marred by graffiti, violence and crime. People don’t feel safe to go out at night because teenagers have nothing to do except hang about on the streets.
‘I volunteer at a local youth club for under-11’s and I have a good relationship with members of my community, which I hope can be built on by joining Mums’ Army. Yob culture is something we can stop and I won’t sit back while people are scared to live here.’
Sue Laing: 07851 437671
Margaret Davies: 07776 405257

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