Friday, February 23, 2007


Oldham, Greater Manchester: Emma O'Toole

Forced out of their home by yobs, Emma O'Toole had to flee with her four-year-old son, Connor. Then Emma’s promises to return there in time for his fifth birthday were shattered when they received a call to say their house had been set on fire.
Emma, 24, explains: ‘We’re lucky we weren’t at home — the whole of the downstairs was gutted. The police realise local youths are responsible yet I know they’ll get away with it.
‘Connor has learning difficulties but he understands what’s happened. He has nightmares about the fire and worries that burglars are coming to get him. Something must be done so our children can feel safe in their own homes.’
Emma O'Toole,
Oldham, Greater Manchester

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