Monday, January 29, 2007


Falkirk, Scotland: Dawna Chisholm

Hard work and creativity united the community when Dawna Chisholm used her branch of Mums’ Army to create a youth art project.
Dawna, 33, says: ‘I became a member of the tenants and residents association and we ran a competition in local schools to find the best designs for themed murals. These were then painted by young people on three of the town’s underpasses.’
Falkirk Council awarded Dawna £4400 to fund the project.
She says: ‘We successfully diverted young people away from crime and antisocial behaviour by providing them with a way to express themselves creatively. Now they are proud of their achievements. The community as a whole feels positive and the council is planning to repeat this elsewhere. Young people want to see changes just as much as we do.’
Dawna Chisholm,

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