Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Portadown, County Armagh: Julie Moore

After her daughter’s Girls’ Brigade mentor Lisa McClatchy was killed in a vicious arson attack, Julie Moore realised that things had to change.
Mother of five, Julie, 47, says: ‘My daughter is just one of many people who have been affected by this horrific crime. I am joining Mums’ Army to safeguard our community.
‘We have to do something to stop this mindless thuggery. Lisa and her boyfriend were horrifically beaten with a sledgehammer and set on fire in their own home by a group of masked men. How can you stop brutality like that unless changes start from within the home? We’re raising a generation of violent thugs and must join together to take responsibility and create opportunities for our children.
‘A lot of people in Northern Ireland are suffering in silence from antisocial behaviour. Gangs congregate on our streets, intimidating and attacking our families. Yet people won’t confront these louts as they know, along the youths, that no action will be taken against them. The police do nothing. When they’re called, they don’t respond so people have given up on them. It’s time for us to stand up and say this isn’t acceptable.’
Julie Moore,
Portadown, County Armagh
Tel: 07738 387936

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