Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Middlesbrough, North Yorks: Shahzear Rani

After returning home late one night, Shahzear Rani decided to sleep in the living room so she wouldn’t wake her children. It was a decision that could have saved her family’s lives.
A short while later her two-year-old son crept downstairs to sleep beside her. It woke her up and she noticed a bright light outside. She went to investigate and saw their car had been smashed up and set alight.
Shahzear, 22, said: ‘Fumes were coming through the front door and there was no way out. I’d parked in front of the house because our car has been broken into so many times. I dialled 999 and woke my daughter and sister-in-law. We were terrified and ran to the garage at the back of the house.
‘The fire brigade came straight away but I dread to think what could have happened if I hadn’t been sleeping downstairs.
‘Two other cars had been targeted that night. Our neighbourhood often gets infested with drunken youths. It’s sad there’s nothing to occupy their time. My children are scared of being in their own home and I don’t want them becoming part of this culture. I want our streets patrolled and fitted with CCTV.’
Shahzear Rani,
Tel: 07786 400181

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