Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Mansfield, Nottinghamshire: Yobs say sorry

At last some good news — the youngsters who apologised to the pensioner they left sprawled in the road...

Watching TV, Lyn Brashier was terrified when local youths hammered at her windows. It was the fifth night it had happened in the same week. So Lyn, 71, steeled herself and went outside to confront the yobs.
‘There were three boys aged about 12,’ she says. ‘I asked them why they were being a nuisance. They were shocked I had come out to face them and didn’t know what to say. When I told them I had already been through enough with cancer, they backed off.’
When Lyn turned to go back inside, she fell and broke her hip. The boys ran away leaving her lying in the middle of the road in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
‘At first I couldn’t move,’ says Lyn. ‘But I managed to crawl to the pavement before a car came along. Then my neighbours helped me inside my house to call for an ambulance.’
Lyn underwent a painful operation and spent almost two weeks in hospital.
‘When the story of my attack featured on the front page of my local newspaper I had some visitors,’ she says. ‘It was the boys. They came to apologise. I think they should be commended for visiting me on their own accord. They were genuinely sorry and two of them were crying. I was very surprised and pleased that they came. They have definitely learnt a lesson and I can forgive them for what they did because it shows they have some good in them.
‘I feel sorry for young people because they have nothing to do. When I was a teenager it was very different. There aren’t youth clubs or anything to occupy them. Something has gone wrong and the government and councils need to think more about the young.’
Lyn Brashier,
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

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