Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Chester-le-Street, County Durham: Tracy Hannon

When Tracy Hannon looked out of her window, she was shocked to see a group of boys had congregated outside. Next thing she knew, her family was under attack.
Mother of seven, Tracy, 36, says: ‘My daughter and partner went to speak to the boys and suddenly the youths hurled bricks at them and shouted abuse. ’
But the real disgrace, Tracy believes, was how the police handled everything.
Tracy says: ‘They came and arrested the boys, who denied all the charges. Officers said there was no point taking it any further because the courts wouldn’t back them up.
‘We’ve lived here for a year and in that time antisocial behaviour has got worse. The council say their hands are tied and the police say they don’t have the resources or are too busy to take action. We’ve never seen the local beat officer who's meant to patrol the streets.
‘It’s not good enough. Youths are being allowed to run riot because they know they can get away with it - that has to change. Something needs to be done to protect our families and our homes. If the police won’t help, then Mums’ Army will.’
Tracy Hannon,
Chester-le-Street, County Durham
Tel: 07913 887002

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