Tuesday, November 07, 2006


York, North Yorkshire: Layla Creffield

Moving into their first home in what they thought was a nice area, Layla Creffield and her fiance soon saw their new community was full of crime.
Layla, 23, says: ‘Within days we found out the owner of a local shop had been beaten with a pickaxe handle in front of his son. We then saw a young boy throw a rock through the window of a neighbour with learning difficulties.
‘Our car and garden shed are constantly broken into. All the incidents have been reported to the police, but we have only been visited by an officer once!
‘We are so sick of having to pay to get things fixed and replaced. I want to see the police take action.’
Layla Creffield,
York, North Yorkshire
E-mail: stationite09@hotmail.co.uk

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