Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Telford, Shropshire: Pamela Ayres

Pamela Ayres was relieved when her daughter stopped hanging around with a gang of girls causing trouble in their neighbourhood. But she had no idea of the consequences.
Pamela, 55, explains: ‘Two of my grown-up daughters were jumped on by eight of the girls when they went to collect their children from school. They were kicked and punched in front of my grandchildren and have since had to take them out of school. My eldest son, who has learning difficulties, was targeted as he walked home. He was terrified.
‘We moved here from Liverpool for a better life but it’s a living hell because we’re not locals. I’ve been to the police. People tell me I should go back to where I’m from. There's no support for us so I called the Mums’ Army Hotline. I don’t know who to turn to. How far does it have to go before we’re moved to safety? We shouldn’t have to live like this.’
Pamela Ayers,
Telford, Shropshire
Tel: 07969 985871

Hi Pamela, im sorry to hear about your story, i went through something similar myself,i dont think its fair that you should have to move to feel safe, these thugs should be locked up and not given the freedom to roam the streets and cause pain and suffering to families like yourself. well done for joining Mum's Army, good luck to you and your family,keep strong. Andrea.
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