Thursday, November 23, 2006


Stockport, Greater Manchester: Beverley Everett

While attending a wedding reception at her local community centre, Beverley Everett had no idea that a group of youths were outside breaking into her car.
Beverley, 50, explains: ‘It was still light when the car was stolen. They drove it down the railway tracks and then set it on fire. It seems that youths now have no fear and it’s terrifying.
‘I have six children and four grandchildren, and I've seen how society has got more and more violent. I’m dreading the time when my three youngest children become independent and want to go out.
‘My 21-year-old daughter recently went to a nightclub with her cousin and when he tried to protect her from a local yob, he was attacked and had his nose bitten off. She has also witnessed a young man being kicked in the head and now refuses to go out at night.
‘Violence to this degree is down to a total lack of respect and discipline — yob culture has to be stopped.’
Beverley Everett,
Stockport, Greater Manchester
Tel: 07951 840891

Keep up the good work, we must all fight the rising antisocial behaviour.
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