Thursday, November 23, 2006


Salford, Greater Manchester: Renee Cavanaugh

Soon after moving into her home grandmother Renee Cavanaugh, 64, saw a gang of local youths vandalising an empty house. She called the police and the yobs launched a hate campaign against her.
Renee says: ‘Almost every night for over two years the kids threw bricks and fired air rifles at my house. They shouted abuse, hurled beer cans at me and left knives and dead birds at my door.
‘When I decided to confront a gang of about 30 kids, one boy repeatedly kicked and punched me in the stomach. Weeks later they surrounded me and threatened to burn my car. When they let me go I was shaking with fear.’
Wracked by stress, Renee then suffered a heart attack and had to stay in hospital for five weeks before returning to her home in Salford.
Then one of the yobs came to her door and told her: ‘We’re going to have you murdered and cut your body up into pieces.’
‘Everything he said was recorded on my CCTV camera,’ says Renee. ‘I showed the tape to the police and gave the council the tapes and diaries I’d kept for the past two years.’
The 15-year-old leader of the gang has been given a two-year antisocial behaviour order and Renee can now finally live in peace.
Renee says: ‘I fought a one-woman battle and now I’m joining Mums’ Army to help stamp out antisocial behaviour full stop. We’ve got to stand together and fight back.’
Renee Cavanaugh,
Salford, Greater Manchester
Tel: 0161 9506496

God bless you honey....Well done to you. Keep up the good work.
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