Thursday, November 23, 2006


Carlisle, Cumbria: Jenny Boothman

After a year of torment from a neighbour, Jenny Boothman brought together her community to force the council to take action.
Mum of two Jenny, 52, says: ‘We lived in a nice area until a young mother moved in next door. Teenagers went into her house every night to drink alcohol and play loud music. My garden was treated like a toilet and they left behind bottles and knives.
‘My neighbours and I kept antisocial behaviour diaries but we only got results when we pressured the council. Finally the woman was evicted but only because we stuck together.
‘There are still problems. I don’t want to be forced to move away but my children have already left because they don’t want to raise their families here. Let’s act now before it gets worse.’
Jenny Boothman,
Carlisle, Cumbria
Tel: 07944 023247

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