Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Renfrew, Scotland: Rhondda Morris

Rhondda Morris is grateful her 18-year-old son Joseph didn’t go out to meet his best friend Andrew McInnes one night in summer. By staying home, he avoided a street fight — which ended in Andrew being fatally stabbed in the heart.
Rhondda, 40, says: ‘I’ve known Andrew since he was a baby and it’s hard to accept that we won’t see him again. There are fights between gangs here all the time.
‘My eight-year-old son and I saw a man being killed outside our door by a youth who was full of drink and drugs. I never want to witness something like that again and I don’t want my children subjected to this terrible violence.
‘I’ve joined Mums’ Army because I am terrified something will happen to my sons. The fights have to be stopped before someone else dies.'
Rhondda Morris,
Renfrew, Scotland
E-mail: secret_mist_2004@yahoo.co.uk

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