Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Mottingham, Greater London: Shennet Debbey

After both her sons were attacked by yobs, Shennet Debbey was so scared she phoned our Hotline in tears.
Shennet, of Mottingham, Greater London, says: ‘My 24-year-old son was hit with a bottle and my 15-year-old was attacked by the same gang.
‘I’m not saying my sons are angels but because there is nothing here for young people to do, they’re forced to hang around the local shops, which is where the trouble happens.
‘There is a lovely community here and there are some good kids who are being tarred with the same brush as the yobs. They are bored and they need more opportunities.
‘I’m a single mum and I work full time, but I want to do something. I'm contacting Mums’ Army because I refuse to live in fear any longer.
‘I hope I’ll be able to unite mothers and form a parenting support group so we can improve our neighbourhood and help our children.’
Shennet Debbey,
Mottingham, Greater London
E-mail: chenet836@btinternet.com

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