Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Ilminster, Somerset: Nicci Court

When a group of boys smashed a bottle in front of Nicci Court and her two young children in a local park, she was scared to confront the yobs.
Nicci, 26, says: ‘Their language was awful and I didn’t want my children to witness me being verbally abused.
‘Antisocial behaviour and drugs are slowly creeping in here. Used needles have been found in the nature reserve and I am afraid for my children as they start to grow up.
‘It’s hard to tackle these problems on your own and that’s why I’ve joined Mums’ Army. I hope to bring the community together and to work with the council and police to make our area a better place to live.’
Nicci Court,
Ilminster, Somerset
Tel: 07915 312711

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