Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Gillingham, Kent: Donna Still

Mums' Army is the inspiration behind TV’s latest hit

Among all our other achievements, we have now inspired TV’s latest hit series, The Amazing Mrs Pritchard. It's the story of an ordinary family woman who trounces the politicians and takes power as Prime Minister.
The character, played by Jane Horrocks, is typical of so many of our Mums’ Army supporters.
The BBC’s Daily Politics show invited one dedicated campaigner, Donna Still, of Gillingham, Kent, to take part in their programme, and reporter Giles Dilnot told viewers: ‘If you think politics is the preserve of those who were destined from their prams to be professional politicians, you may find this story inspiring.
‘Back in January, we talked to Donna Still, of Mums’ Army. It’s reminiscent of The Amazing Mrs Pritchard — but it’s real life.’
Donna explained how hard she's campaigning for her local neighbourhood and that she's determined to get on the council.
She said: ‘The trouble with the current politicians is that they lead such a privileged life and I don’t think they’re on the same level as normal people.’
That's the view of thousands of our supporters. Mums’ Army has hundreds of Mrs Pritchards. We hope to make an impact at the 2007 local elections.

Donna Still,
Gillingham, Kent
E-mail: mumsarmymedway@yahoo.co.uk

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