Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Barlanark, Glasgow: Liz Wilkie

Yobs loiter outside Liz Wilkie’s house, vandalising and stealing her property - and she feels powerless to stop it.
A mother of four, Liz, 38, says: ‘I’m sick of this behaviour and want to see the law changed. My husband has had to clean excrement and urine off our back door and six-year-old boys have smashed up our car.
‘My neighbours and I regularly have to call the police and the fire brigade because kids start fires on our propery, setting our bins and trees alight. The firemen have to put out the fires while kids jeer them — where are the police? They tell us our problems are not a priority and because of this attitude the kids know they can get away with anything. We back Mums’ Army. Things must change.’
Liz Wilkie,
Barlanark, Glasgow
E-mail: douglizwilkie@yahoo.co.uk

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