Monday, September 18, 2006


Southway, Plymouth: Kat Osbourne

Kat Osbourne was devastated when her cat Lulu died after being attacked by local yobs. Kat, 35, says: ‘They kicked Lulu breaking her ribs and tearing the ligament in her back leg and they also covered her in glue. She needed an operation, but at 13 she was too frail and died at the vets. Lulu never had a day’s illness yet the last few weeks of her life were spent in pain inside a cage.
‘Other people in my neighbourhood have had their cats shot by yobs with pellet guns. The kids round here can do what they want and no-one seems to care. It’s sad that they aren’t brought up to protect those weaker than themselves, including animals.
‘My kids are too scared to go out and play so they are inside the house all the time. I read about Mums’ Army every week and I want things to change. We need the government to act and I’ll do whatever I can to change our society.’
Kat Osbourne,
Southway, Plymouth

Lulu died after being attacked by yobs

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