Monday, September 18, 2006


Pontywaun, Caerphilly: Liz Weetch

Two teenage thugs were locked up for 30 minutes after almost killing Liz Weetch’s 17-year-old son Jamie by stabbing him in the neck with a kitchen knife and smashing him in the head with a dumbbell.
Luke Roberts, 16, and his brother Matthew, 18, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm. The knife just missed Jamie’s jugular vein.
Judge David Wynne Morgan remanded them in custody for half an hour each and warned: ‘If you carry on as you did that’s where you’ll end up,’ Then he sentenced Luke to an 18-month supervision order and Matthew to an 150-hours community service.
Liz says: ‘After the verdict was the boys turned around, laughed and gave us the thumbs up. I was so shocked and couldn’t stop crying.’
‘These boys have bullied Jamie for years. What they did to him was beyond belief - I thought he was going to die.
‘Is it going to be my child or someone else’s who gets killed before someone is properly punished? My daughter and other innocent people have also been threatened and attacked by them and their gang -‘The George Street Mafia’ - who intimidate our entire community.
‘I feel cheated by the courts. I don’t think the sentences will have any effect on them at all.
‘It’s an absolute nightmare and we have to do something now before things get worse. I hope that Mums’ Army can give people a voice and bring us together against the yobs so we can protect our families.’
Liz Weetch,
Pontywaun, Caerphilly
Tel: 07813 674064

Liz's son Jamie after the attack

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