Monday, September 18, 2006


Plymouth, Devon: Lizzie Lonsdale

As a young single mother, Lizzie Lonsdale has considered leaving the country to provide a better life for her daughter. Lizzie, 22, says: ‘It terrifies me when I read the stories in Take a Break. I used to live in Gibraltar where children could run around outside safely, and I feel guilty bringing my daughter up in an environment like this. It’s hard enough for parents without having to worry constantly.
‘My daughter is only three and I have already witnessed her being bullied by a four-year-old boy who then turned on me. It’s intimidating and unsafe for both of us and it’s not right.
‘I have joined Mums’ Army because I would like to feel safe in the knowledge that my daughter will be growing up in a better world.’
Lizzie Lonsdale,
Plymouth, Devon

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