Monday, September 18, 2006


Nuneaton, Warwickshire: Gayle Fessey

Gayle Fessey’s husband Alan was killed when he tried to protect his family from violent thugs. Now a youth who was sentenced for his involvement is being released. In response Gayle is joining Mums’ Army. Gayle, 33, who is left raising three children, says: ‘It has been so hard since Alan’s death. All he ever wanted to do was help and I still can’t believe what happened. I have a beautiful baby boy who never got to meet his daddy and I want to make sure that our community is a safe place for him and my other two children to grow up in. We must take action — together we are a stronger force with a louder voice.’
Gayle Fessey,
Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Gayle's story was featured in Take a Break

that was my cousin!!we need the streets to be made safer!!it is not fair that Alan Junior will not get to know his daddy!!Alan is missed sadly by everyone he was a very loving and caring man who helped everyone out!!!
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