Monday, September 18, 2006


Northampton: Kay Godier

After reading a letter in Take a Break from the teenage sister of a boy with cerebral palsy who was being bullied by yobs, Kay Godier called us straightaway to offer support. It was a stark reminder of her own experience.
Kay, 48, says: ‘My five-year-old son Harry has special needs and we were victimised by a family who’d already made arson attacks on a neighbour with a child who had cerebral palsy.
‘The fire brigade gave us fire extinguishers to put by the front door every night. We were verbally abused and dirty knickers were hung outside our home. Then my car was vandalised, leaving me with no way to get Harry to hospital appointments.
‘After a year I went to the police and discovered that there was a new law to protect the disabled and the elderly. The council was legally forced to take action and evict the family who was causing us misery.
‘Over the years I have seen society go down the drain. The culture that I grew up in has gone. I have six children and two granddaughters, and I will do anything to protect them.
‘You can make a difference if you fight back. Don’t ever give up. We all have a right to a normal life free from all this lawlessness.’
Kay Godier,

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