Monday, September 18, 2006


Motherwell, North Lanarkshire: Mary Vaughan

When her parents died, Mary Vaughan took over the care of her 35-year-old brother Tony who has Down’s syndrome. It wasn’t long before yobs saw a target.
Mary, 43, says: ‘Whenever Tony went out, a group of teenage boys would call him names and slap him. Once they threw buckets of water at him and another time they beat him with roofing felt.
‘Tony had always been brought up to be independent and the yobs took that away from him. I want to make sure my brother enjoys every minute of his life.
‘I called the police but the boys denied everything. When I went to speak to the father of the ringleader, he punched me in the head. I have epilepsy and could take no more.
‘I contacted the council’s antisocial task force. They mediated between our families and arranged a meeting. The family were told that if their behaviour didn’t stop they would be evicted from their home. That’s when everything changed. Since then Tony has been treated with respect and kindness, and he has his independence back. I'm glad to say he's happy again.'
Now Mary wants to help others. She says: ‘I have joined Mums’ Army because I want to stop this happening to other families. People can make a change to their lives - just like we have. You should not suffer in silence.’
Mary Vaughan,
Motherwell, North Lanarkshire
Tel: 07988 715503

Mary's brother Tony

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