Monday, September 18, 2006


Hatfield, Hertfordshire: Sharon Heath

When Sharon Heath’s brother and elderly father were attacked in their Bedfordshire garden with rocks, bricks and blocks of wood by a gang of 30 yobs, she was appalled that no one came to their aid. Sharon, 40, says: ‘For almost an hour they were attacked and taunted while their neighbours watched from inside their homes. When the police finally arrived, they managed to catch two of the boys — including the leader who was only 12. These boys are probably already back on the streets, my parents are living in fear of them returning and I am sick with worry.
‘I visit my parents as often as I can and God knows what could have happened if my children, nephews or nieces had been playing in the garden that day.
‘When I read about Take a Break’s Mums’ Army I thought that’s exactly what I need. We need to raise awareness about antisocial behaviour or it will simply continue to get worse.’
Sharon Heath,
Hatfield, Hertfordshire

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