Monday, September 18, 2006


Harlow, Essex: Kirsten Langham

As a new mum, Kirsten Langham feels responsible for improving her community and trying to restore respect. Kirsten, 21, says: ‘Big groups of teenagers hang out around our local shops and it’s very intimidating to just go and buy a pint of milk. They have nowhere else to go and that needs to change. It’s a horrible feeling to be unsafe only yards from your home. Nobody should have to live like that. I know that one person alone can’t change things but I hope that by stepping forward I will receive support and we can make a difference.
Kirsten Langham,
Harlow, Essex
Tel: 07980 042882

I also fill that youths of harlow need somewhere to go but somewhere where they are going to like somewhere which has snooker, pool,computers,making and mixing music and videos thats the things they like doing nowdays, art some youths dont know they can draw good untill they go to jail thats not good they need people to show them they have talent give them something to aim for make them feel good about themselfs not put them down i know lots of youths in harlow and they dont want to hang round but there is nowhere to go
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