Monday, September 18, 2006


Halifax, West Yorkshire: Lynne Oates

Lynne Oates felt compelled to take action when she read about Take a Break’s Mums’ Army. On that very day, her elderly neighbours had called out the police, as they were being intimidated by local youths and were afraid of them.
Lynne, 41, says: ‘I am totally fed up with the general poor behaviour and lack of respect exhibited by the younger generation. In my area, the problem is really only just beginning — noise, litter, graffiti, vandalism — and I am determined for it to stop and to end there.
‘I work in a school with teenagers and am not afraid to stand up to them, but I know that older people and young mums sometimes are. If my 16-year-old daughter was causing problems I would do something about it. She has been brought up to respect her home, community and society as a whole.
‘We need to make young people realise the consequences their actions will have on their future so that we can feel in control of our neighbourhoods.’
Lynne Oates,
Halifax, West Yorkshire

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