Monday, September 18, 2006


Eltham, Greater London: Haley Faulkner

When Haley Faulkner moved into a new neighbourhood with her five daughters they became prime targets for local yobs. Haley, 39, says: ‘Every time I went out, yobs bullied my daughters to let them in the door so they could wreck the house. They physically and verbally attacked us and made our lives a misery until I stood up to them and made them stop. When I read about Take a Break’s Mums’ Army, I was so happy to see that other people are standing up to yob culture. It’s everywhere and there is no reason for it. My daughters don’t act like that and this kind of behaviour must be stopped.’
Haley Faulkner,
Eltham, Greater London
Tel: 07932 611055

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