Monday, September 18, 2006


Edinburgh: Christine Dumonceau

Fighting against drug abuse, Christine Dumonceau was driven out of her home after she dared to speak out. Christine, 41, says: ‘My elderly neighbour was traumatised after police in full-riot gear mistakenly raided her home and then failed to apologise or pay for the damages. When I made an anti-drugs stand in the community, my life was made a misery. I was victimised and suffered from verbal abuse, vandalism, and burglary. Now living in a new area I am determined to create a better life for my community. People are scared and forced to live in fear. I want to see them proud of where they live. We need to deal with the root of the problems to instil a sense of community spirit — we should not have to live like this.’
Christine Dumonceau,
Tel: 07707 604854

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