Monday, September 18, 2006


Eastbourne, East Sussex: Ann Tutt

Having worked with children for 20 years, Ann Tutt has seen things go from bad to worse and is passionate about tackling the epidemic of yob culture. Ann, 49, a mother of three, says: ‘I work with young offenders who are often rewarded for their antisocial behaviour with special treatment. I can understand why children from bad backgrounds may offend, but there is no excuse for re-offending.
‘Punishments are too lenient and children need to be made to realise the consequences of their actions. Parents must teach them right from wrong and there needs to be more discipline in the home and at school. The vicious circle has to be broken. How can kids expect to be able to bring up their own young if they have no positive role models to follow? We need to reintroduce old fashioned values into society so children learn respect. I hope that Mums’ Army can help to bring about the eventual end of antisocial behaviour everywhere.’
Ann Tutt,
Eastbourne, East Sussex
Tel: 07745 856207

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