Monday, September 18, 2006


Dukinfield, Greater Manchester: Roy West

After Roy West bravely launched a single-handed campaign to better his neighbourhood he was targeted by local yobs and attacked seven times. Roy, 41, says: ‘At first I just wanted to get better lighting on my street, but I ended up fighting antisocial behaviour.
‘My windows were smashed 14 times and a brick even hit my partner who was inside our house. When my stepdaughter was walking to the shops, she was cornered by the yobs. They were high on drugs and hit her in the face with a brick. Although we have seen 10 yobs convicted, we have little faith in the law because the punishments are so lenient. After my stepdaughter’s attack, I pressured the local council to make changes and eventually the neighbourhood has become safer.
‘It’s really sad that it took so much violence to make this happen and having recently moved to a new area, it feels like we’re on holiday. People all over the country are suffering in silence because the police are so slow to react. Victims must be put before the criminals.
‘Joining Mums’ Army means I’m not on my own. Together we must fight to ensure that values are restored so fear is no longer a way of life for so many.’
Roy West,
Dukinfield, Greater Manchester
Tel: 07950 828191

Roy was targeted by local yobs

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