Monday, September 18, 2006


Derbyshire: Anonymous teenage girl

While people across the country are finding the strength to join Mums’ Army, we are still receiving letters from those who are too scared to step forward. A teenage girl in Derbyshire wrote to Take a Break for help:
My mum has seven children. My eldest brother is 15 and has cerebral palsy. He is picked on constantly and can’t even play in our front garden. They have kicked, punched and dragged him around on the ground and they also get younger children to hit him. My mum has been trying to move for over seven years now, but no one is helping her. About two weeks ago my brother was threatened by a youth with a hammer and the police did nothing. It’s beyond belief, as far as I can see. Does he have to be murdered before something is done? I hope Mums’ Army can help to stop these yobs.

To the teenage girl from Derbyshire: I applaud you for speaking up. You are a very sensible young lady and I hope something is done sooner rather than later.

Those yobs think it's ok to attack someone just because he has cerebral palsy and is probably unable to fight back. ASBOs don't work - those hooligans strive for them and think of them as being "trophies". They should be arrested and thrown into jail.

Well done for bringing this to light. I hope it gives encouragement to others who are too afraid to come forward.
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