Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Brackley, Northants: Anita Cottle

After Anita Cottle's family moved, they became victimised because of their race.
Mum of three Anita, 40, says: ‘My 20-year-old daughter Jasmine was attacked and they spat in her face as my two other children were forced to watch. She is traumatised — we all are.
‘Since arriving here three years ago, my kids have been verbally abused because they are of Asian origin. We were all born in the UK. I can't believe what we've been subjected to.
‘Although we're now being accepted in the community we never expected anything this bad to happen. Jasmine’s attack has shocked everyone.
‘People are aware of antisocial incidents here but they tend to ignore them. And now that we’re speaking out they're offering support and agreeing something has to be done. I've joined Mums’ Army in order that we can increase unity, awareness and education.’
Anita Cottle,
Brackley, Northants
E-mail: martincottle@btinternet.com

Anita's daughter Jasmine after her attack

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